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Satellite Radio Systems

Comtech EF Data MIDAS
Satellite Multiservice System

Integrated access system to MIDAS Comtech EF Data - the reliable and effective communication network offering services which conform to modern demands of the world market. Providing the need for the every minute information, MIDAS gives on demand communication worldwide for following applications with starform and completely concerned topology of a network:

  • reservation of the communication channel;
  • remote training;
  • digital TV;
  • telemedicine;
  • remote video viewing;
  • decrease network overloads;
  • video conferences realization;
  • telejurisprudence;
  • Internet access using satellite communication;
  • multiaccess with channel drop by request.

Satellite channels drop MIDAS Comtech EF Data allow to do without using of switched or land communication lines. Use of the terminal with very small aperture of the terminal (VSAT) together with access by request in a network of MIDAS allows to receive to users for whom communication services by request are necessary, reliable and economically effective decision of this problem.

MIDAS Comtech EF Data distributes satellite resources (capacity and frequency band) depending on those communication services which are necessary to the network user. In a network is used the multiaccess method SCPC for connection set up and break by request: for control of all these operations is used system of a BMS.


Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
Satellite Technology VSAT

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. is the world leader in the network satellite market, uses a technology VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). A range of the equipment - satellite telephone systems and data transmission FaraWay, systems of VSAT-terminals with modular structure Dial Away and SkyStar Advantage, and also last development of the company - two-way communication system supporting wide-band broadcasting and multiple-address applications - SkyStar 360E. Use of Gilat's products and decisions allows to unite the territorially-distributed corporate and state networks, to make installation of telephones of remote areas, and also to provide access to Intranet-and Internet-networks. The organization of convergent networks can be realized in telecommunication, multimedia, bank, trading and other fields of activity.

  • Our realized project in this sphere is construction of a satellite communication system for Branch MTTS RUP "Beltelekom".

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