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Microwave Communication

Microwave systems SRA

Depending on architecture and scopes the  microwave systems SRA can work in a range from 7 to 38 GHz. During the big period of exploitation the complex of equipment SRA has proved to be as the highly reliable decision, with high workmanship and excellent characteristics.

The microwave system equipment SRA consists of two modules – outdoor and indoor, which connect by coaxial cable.

Owing to use of modern technologies in construction of system the opportunity of automatic control by capacity of transfer, the control and management of the equipment within the limits of concept TMN Siemens is provided.

Features of SRA systems:

  • Wide frequency range for access application and local applications - (13, 15, 18, 23, 26 GHz).
  • Interchangeable interface - STM-1 electrical and optic, STM-1/OC-3 load for SDH and SONET nets.
  • System configuration - 1+0, 1+1, 2 (1+0).
  • Automatic control for radiation capacity.
  • The system is compatible with PDH.

SRA 1/1S is a broadband microwave system, type the "point-point" created for application in large city networks and other networks with a wide spectrum of application.

The basic difference of systems SRA 1 and SRA 1S is that in system SRA 1S there is an opportunity of transfer of "partially filled" stream STM-1 (21 stream 2Mbit/s). It is possible to modernize SRA 1S  and expand equipment SRA to a level of equipment SRA1 and to provide transfer of high-grade stream STM-1 easily.

SRA L are the microwave systems of small carrying) capacity which provide fast construction of a network with flexible structure.


Microwave systems of the big capacity SRT 1C - for the organization of communication lines (trunk applications)

Equipment SRT 1C works in a wide range of speeds and in all frequency ranges which apply for trunk communication lines.

This equipment is applied to the organization of reservation of a part of the traffic of fiber-optical communication lines and for the organization a ring structures in zone communication networks. Also this equipment can be applied at construction of broadcasting networks of digital TV and construction of small networks with an opportunity of the following development.

SRT 1C it is placed on a post type ETSI, with frontal access to cartridges that provides simplicity of installation. Equipment SRT 1C also is characterized by modular architecture, a wide spectrum of opportunities and good electromagnetic compatibility. SRT 1C allows to use vertical and horizontal polarization on one frequency that allows to redouble speed of the transferred information without increase in a strip of borrowed frequencies.

Features of SRA systems:

  • Frequency range from 4 to 13 GHz with interval 30/40 MHz.
  • Use one channel on one frequency or two channels on one frequency.
  • Use optic and electrical interface STM-1.
  • Wide range of innovative decisions: modulator TCM, an option of the automatic control of capacity of radiation, options West Combiner, XPIC, Hitless.
  • Expansions of configuration to 7 + 1 STM-1 AP and 14 + 2 STM-1 CC.

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