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Large-scale projects have a decisive importance in our work. Our clients have different profiles: their enterprises have local, national or international structure. Our specialists accumulated unique experience of wireless networks application and standard working methods of telecommunication systems.   


Original large-scale projects:

  • reconstruction of technological radio communication system for  Novopolotsk Enterprise for oil transport "Druzhba";
  • working and construction of wireless broadband access system for Ministry of Energy;
  • assembling and installation-specific settings of telecommunications equipment for  "Velcom"
  • site projection and construction for "BeST";
  • equipment assembling for technological communication for BelTransGas;
  • installation assembling of united network and microwave communication for Belorussian Railway.


Our customers:

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • KGB;
  • Ministry of Interior;
  • National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  • VitebskEnergo;
  • BelGasTechnika;
  • MinGas;
  • VodoKanal;
  • BelPromStroyBank;
  • BelTruboprovodStroy;
  • BelEnergoRemnaladka;
  • Belorussian Print House;
  • Atlant;
  • Belorussian Metallurgical Plant;
  • Belorussian State University;
  • BelarusKaly;
  • Minsk Subway.


Telephone Number: 375 (17) 548-47-47 542-53-24 факс 505-17-84 сервис 375 (17) 541-03-03 e-mail:

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