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System integrator in the field of telecommunications


We are the official distributor of Hytera Communications Co., Ltd., in the Republic of Belarus, which is the largest developer and manufacturer of equipment and solutions for professional mobile radio communications.


DMR системы и терминалы
TETRA системы и терминалы
LTE и другие широкополосные системы и терминалы
PoC-решения для оперативной связи поверх сети сотового оператора
Персональные видеорегистраторы системы и терминалы
Унифицированная платформа связи и видео
Интернет вещей и позиционирование внутри закрытых помещений
Спутниковые и антенные системы и устройства
Аналоговые радиостанции Hytera
Антенно-фидерные устройства
Блоки питания
Металлодетекторы и металлоискатели
Радиокоммуникационные тестеры
Локомотивные радиостанции
Продукция ООО «Сенсор-М»
Мультиплексоры от Infinera


Petroleum Gas

- reconstruction of the technological radio communication system for NRUP TN "Druzhba" -installation of equipment for technological communication for OJSC Beltransgaz; reconstruction of radio masts in n. May, n.p. Temples. Customer Private Unitary Enterprise Zapad Telekomnefteprodukt) installation of equipment for technological communication for the "Mozyr Oil Refinery" railway line to the nuclear power plant. 7 - stage. Communication systems;


unified data transmission network of the Belarusian Railway, 1st, 2nd, 3rd stages of construction; cabling of a communication line on the Osipovichi - Zhlobin section of the Belarusian Railway; railway line to the nuclear power plant. 7 - stage. Communication systems; fiber-optic communication line on the section Minsk-Molodechno-Gudogai-State border of Lithuania. 1 turn;


development and construction of a wireless broadband access system for RUE "Minskenergo"

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We work with enterprises of various levels - from regional to large national and international structures. The specialists have accumulated unique experience in the implementation of wireless radio communication networks and standard techniques for the development of telecommunication systems.

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Tennis tournament dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Belinfocom Association


17 years of PRS

PRS is a system integrator working since 2004 in the field of telecommunication solutions in the Republic of Belarus

Close cooperation with world leaders in the production of telecommunications equipment, representing the latest achievements in science and technology, allows the company to confidently be at the forefront of the leaders.

Thanks to an integrated approach to solving the problems of customers, the ability to develop and implement original technical solutions, the timely delivery of equipment, the high level and quality of the services offered, warranty and service maintenance, we have earned a reputation as a solid and reliable partner.

In its activities, PRS makes the most of the intellectual potential of its employees and rich practical experience. Our specialists, having studied the needs and capabilities of the client, will offer the optimal technical solution from a technical and economic point of view. The client receives not only a detailed specification for equipment and work, but also technical consultations necessary for making an optimal decision, additional economic and legal information.

Enterprises and organizations of almost all sectors of the Belarusian economy, industry, the telecommunications sector, subdivisions of law enforcement and state structures, as well as the business sector became the clients of PRS. Communication systems built by PRS allow hundreds of thousands of people to work more efficiently and harmoniously.

We invite customers and business development partners to cooperate.

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